Welcome to the Starlight Rabbitry

We are a small rabbitry located in the east bay area in California. We breed and show rabbits from top lines such as Belokonny, LOV, Critter Coop, Ti Bar, and Pett.


January 2, 2004: NEW PAGE ADDED! A list of frequently asked questions and answers. Click here to go to the FAQs page
January 1, 2004: NEW PAGE ADDED! A list of shows that we are attending and may be attending. Click here to go to the shows page
December 3, 2003: We hope that everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving day and wish everyone a happy holiday!
November 12, 2003: The new site is up. Yeah! We had a logo designed for us. I learned HTML to re-do our site in HTML to make it bigger and better. Hope you enjoy!
September 13, 2003: We have recently added 2 new pages to our website. One new page is called Care. On this page there is information on the care of a bunny, showmanship, breeding and more. As well as tips I have picked up that may help you. Check it out by!
August 21, 2003: On the second new page called Bunny Names is over 250 names to help you name your bunny. click here
July 25, 2003: I have returned from my Europe trip. It was great Fun! Well, I am back into breeding and showing my Hollands. I have breed a couple of rabbits already and I have one litter due on the 28th of July. check out the litters page to see who is due and who has been breed as well as who will be breed next. I will attend a show as soon as I can.

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